Videotapes, film, prints, and slides all have a definite life span so transferring those images and memories into a digital file is essential.

Our Transfer Services are Safer and Better than the big box store options.


Transfer your 8mm and 16mm film to compatible digital files.

3″ Reel (50 ft.) = $25

5″ Reel (200 ft.) = $50

7″ Reel (400 ft.) = $100

Transfer your old VHS, SVHS, Hi8, DV, DVCAM, and Mini-DV tapes to digital files.

• $20 per Tape for a Digital File Transfer

Transfer your DVDs to digital files.
• $20 per DVD for a Digital File Transfer

Photos and Slides

  • Transfer Prints, Slides to Digital Images.
  • Unlike big chain stores, we hand-process every image.
  • Digital images will be delivered online or via a USB thumb drive.

• $1 per Picture

We encourage a transfer to a digital file.  We don’t recommend converting to DVD anymore for several reasons…
1.  DVDs are only going to be available and viable for a few more years.  The format for delivery, watching, and sharing of video, now and in the future, is via digital video files shared online or via digital devices such as phones, smart TVs, computers, etc.
2.  DVDs are easily lost, scratched, and damaged.  Video files are not.
3.  The quality of video in a video file format can far exceed the video quality of a DVD or even a Blu-ray disc.
4.  A video file can be stored and delivered on a hard drive that you can copy to any computer.  
5.  Once you have a video file on your computer you can make your own DVDs.
6.  You can watch your video on your computer or your TV if your TV has a USB port and a Media Player App, or if you connect your computer to your TV directly or via a device like Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, etc.
7.  You can copy and share the video file easily with family and friends, not so with a DVD.
8.  You can easily copy and store the video file in multiple places for archiving and safekeeping, again, not so easy to do with a DVD.
Once your video file is ready we will send you a link to the video that you can use to see, share and download your video.  You can share that link with anyone you want to share the video with.  The video will be produced and delivered in the MP4 video file format that is compatible with Mac, PC, and all mobile devices.
Since we do everything by hand (not automated machine like some operations) we do have a $200 minimum order.